WorldCity offers thousands of pages of U.S. export-import trade data, updated monthly.

  • RESEARCH: We put incredibly deep and rich data at your fingertips, available from any device, anywhere, anytime. Find new markets. Get the jump on changing markets. Better understand your role in specific markets.
  • MARKETING: You can also display the trade numbers for your airport, seaport or border crossing on your website. Drive traffic. Increase awareness. Engage with potential customers.

FOR Marketing: ‘Turn-key’ content solution

We offer a turn-key solution to “ports” looking for reliable, well-packaged, mobile-friendly content. The rich and up-to-date content includes:

  • For all trading partners, a ranking, market-share and total trade, whether by YTD, annual or previous year, by value or tonnage.
  • For all exports and all imports, ranking and percentage of the total for each, presented as YTD, annual or previous year totals as well as value or tonnage data.
  • Your port ranked nationally, overall and by specific port-type, by time period, by value or tonnage.
  • Fastest- and slowest-growing trade partners.
  • Total exports and imports monthly over the last year.

The Marketer Subscription is also available for country-specific data as well as data for leading exports and imports.


WorldCity offers far greater depth as well as customized packages tailored to your specific needs:

  • Single- or multi-user subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions for a single port, country, export of import; a combination subscription; or a global subscription.

The Researcher Subscription offers all the data associated with the Marketer Subscription above plus:

  • For each trade partner, the ability to “drill down” to see the specific exports and imports, the percentage of the total for each, the total value and weight for each, for various time periods.
  • For each export, the ability to drill down to see the specific countries where shipped; percentage of total by country, adjustable for time period and value vs. tonnage; which other ports export that commodity and how they all compare; the exporting of that commodity over time; the relative importance of the export mode (air, ocean, border crossing).
  • For each import, the same level of data as for exports.

The Researcher Subscription is also available by country, by export or by import.


To request a demonstration, contact WorldCity President Ken Roberts at 305-441-2244 or at


about the data

The data used on this site is from the U.S. Census Bureau.