Trade Connections and Trade Trends

Trade Connections events and Trade Trends webinars are intended to strengthen the bond between our sponsors and the communities they represent with well-researched content delivered by our President and founder, Ken Roberts.

Begun as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trade Trends webinars have now been held for markets in Texas, California and Florida.

These events, provide attendees with updates on top trade partners, top export and top exports, comparing the current time period to the same period in the previous year, and with context added by comparing the specific community’s trade to the national average. 

We have hosted Trade Connections in-person events for over a decade. We look forward to providing a venue to engage and connect with meaningful trending content. 

Upcoming Events

" Great event !!!"

-Carlos J. Valderrama, Adjunct Faculty International Business & Marketing Department College of Business at Cal Poly Pomona

"It was a fascinating program. I loved the polling…and your panelists were really good."

- Steve Liston, Council of the Americas

"I enjoyed the webinar and look forward to future ones."
- Jacob Toussaint Peck, Data Analyst

"Today’s webinar was FASCINATING. Ken’s slides and information, the interactive polling questions, and the two guests insights and commentary really made for a valuable hour.

I have already had feedback from several of our members saying how much they enjoyed it."

- Rachel Connel, NASCO Networks

"Wonderful discussion, interesting and informative.  Enjoyed.  Thanks"

- Kosh, Chemtech International 

"Wonderful discussion, interesting and informative.  Enjoyed.  Thanks "

- Via anonymous survey

“The U.S. Trade Trends webinar in February provided valuable insight on the direction for U.S. international trade as the United States tries to turn the page on recent tariff actions and pandemic disruptions. Ken Roberts helps trade practitioners visualize changes in trade patterns, and outstanding speakers such as Kelly Ann Shaw and Ted Alden add valuable perspective.”

 - John Murphy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce